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Enjoying Your Spy Gear and Gadgets

James Bond is the hero of most growing up kids. This is because spies can do a lot of amazing stuff like defeat villains with evil lairs, fire Uzis from snowmobiles, fly around in little gyrocopters, chat with beautiful women, and drive DB7s. Kids should train early since the spy game is a very competitive one. Today there are already a lot of manufacturers producing spy gear which are improving as the years go on.

The spy gear and gadgets are extremely fun to use, they work reliably and very advanced and affordable. You should check out the night goggles because they are pretty cool spy gear. Those who use these night goggles can see up to 25 feet in the dark because they have bright blue LEDs. This night goggles have a retractable scope with yellow cross hair lends that help spot enemy spies. You can also spy in the dark with the spy night scope. The spy night scope can also be used during the day and it can function like a pair of binoculars to check out far away objects. What can help users see up to 25 feet in the dark at night is the base beam or the spring operated LED light.

For a spy, listening devices are much more important than night vision goggles. A micro agent listener will allow spies to listen in on secret conversations without being detected. You simply need to clip the secret listening device on to the spy’s ears. To be able to gather intelligence for the success of your mission, you simply need to put your mini microphone under doors, cracks, corners, and other places which are inconspicuous. To avoid being revealed, you can conceal your micro agent listener in your pocket or the palm of your hand.
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The intelligence you gathered then need to be reported back to HQ. This can easily be done through the spy gear walkie talkie. You can simply use regular walkie talkies that can cover distances of over 50 feet even through walls. It will be difficult for these ordinary walkie talkies to protect their secret identities and to deliver coded messages for other spies. Revealing your voice is a no-no if you want to stay undercover. To make your voice indistinguishable you can use a spy gear voice scrambler.
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One amazing piece of spy equipment is the lie detector test. It is a real, working lie detector kit. The suspect’s finger is attached with a sensor that measures skin moisture. A lying person is a stressed person and thus he easily sweats. A series of LED lights are used to display whether or not a suspected is lying through measuring the amount of moisture on the suspect’s finger tips.